Excellent hotel services. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. They were the perfect pair to make us feel safe, comfortable and taken care of. They made the experience for us. We can’t say enough of how well they worked together to make our climb successful. Food on the climb was excellent and we loved our cook, Crew were all helpful, kind and friendly

– Marti Schuham – September 2017

We were able to see so many wonderful things. It was a privilege to be here in Tanzania and the guides did their best to show us all in such a short time. Always porters, guides and especially chefs were helpful, kind and very capable.

– Lathallan School – July 2017

Since my first trip to Kilimanjaro (I work as a guide) in 2002, I've always stayed at Keys Hotel in Moshi. Keys is, simply put, a wonderful place through and through.
The hotel is on a quieter street with a nice view of Kili from the front. The lobby has good Wi-Fi, as does the restaurant and front patio area. There's a great bar and back area with a refreshing pool. And, you're just a 15 minute walk, or 5 minute hop in a taxi, to Moshi for restaurants, shopping, etc.
Rooms in the hotel are simple, but more than enough. They have comfortable beds with A/C and mosquito netting if needed, and ample hot water in the private baths.
Staff at the hotel are always wonderful, kind, and helpful. I've never had a single issue with me or my clients having any valuables disappear while on the mountain - and that's a lot of days and a lot of people. Food at the hotel is excellent. I've never had anyone get sick, which is a huge bonus and a +1 for the hotel's attention to hygiene. They have great burgers, pizza, salads, and a lot more, and again, friendly staff. As for the big reason many come to Moshi - climbing Kilimanjaro - Keys is top-notch. You may not get all the unnecessary frills as some competitors, like in-tent cots and the like. But, what you get with keys is the things that are important when climbing Kili:
• Expert, dedicated, and knowledgeable guides with vast experience on all routes on the mountain
• Ample, filling, healthy food with attention to detail (I've had many clients with allergies and dietary restrictions from Celiac to vegans and every allergy in between and never had an issue)
• Guides that are trained medically and know how to deal with an emergency situation should one arise on the mountain.
• Guides who are focused on the health and safety of ALL on the trip, not just the clients. This is important, as porters are overlooked/disregarded by some guides.
• Keys' staff, however, ensures all staff are taken care of and issues are dealt with in a healthy, fair way, regardless of who is having a problem.
All in all, I can't say enough well about Keys and the experiences they provide on and off the mountain. If you're visiting Moshi, or looking to climb Kili, check out Keys!

– Jack N – March 2017

We just got back from another wonderful Kilimanjaro expedition. We all got to the summit and it was luxurious! Great food every day and always smiling, friendly, and knowledgeable guides. Our expedition was organized by Keys Hotel and so we stayed at the hotel before and after for one night in Moshi. It has consistently reliable, safe, and friendly service. Delicious pizza at the hotel, and a perfect jumping off spot for your expedition. Plus the pool is a perfect cure for those post-climb sore legs. Highly recommend this company for expeditions and for a hotel stay in Moshi!

– Philip C – January 2017

Fantastic hotel services, especially pizza was delicious and pool was relaxing. Crew & Guides knowledgeable, friendly, always smiling and very helpful. Delicious food on the climb and we always wanted more!! Everything was in good condition and well maintained. All in all another wonderful expedition.

- Cason Crane – January 2017

Staff excellent, made the trip better, felt very safe and well cared for. Excellent guide 10/10 very knowledgeable. Excellent and quality food on the climb.

– Elizabeth Carliste. October 2016

* Crew & guides - Excellent first class they know Umbwe western breach route very well. Prepared great food on the climb. Great experience, No problem recommending Keys hotel

– Derek Morley – October 2016.

*Crew & guides, food and equipment - Excellent and very helpful.

– Paul Henry – July 2016