Why Climb with Keys

With Mount Kilimanjaro on our doorstep, at the Keys Hotel we have been organising and operating climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro for the last 25 years. We are a fully licenced, tax paying, local company, based in Moshi, Tanzania. We have found great joy in the benefits tourism has provided to the local community and we hope to continue providing these benefits, as well as the excellent service and commitment to our guests and clients.

We are always aiming to improve our services to our clients and guests and maintain strict standards when it comes to our Kilimanjaro operations. Our code of conduct aims towards a socially responsible operation, taking into account the needs of our guests, and the needs of our crew and guides.

In addition to the criteria and standards set out by local and international mountain climbing associations (as well as the Tanzania National Parks Authority), at the Keys Hotel, we have established the following conditions on all of our Mount Kilimanjaro climbs:

The safety and comfort of our climbers is top priority. We ensure that all our clients have the optimum number of guides and support crew for their climb. This makes the climb safer for you and for the guides and support crew.  

Some operators will spread guides and support crew too thin amongst the climbers (as a way to cut costs). Your guides and support crew as are integral to a successful summit. They have climbed Kilimanjaro so many times that their experience can benefit you and increase your chances of successfully summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Our guides are the heart and soul of your climb. Our guides and crew are fully qualified and know Mount Kilimanjaro like the back of their hands. Some crew and guides have completed over 300 climbs on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. You are in experienced and capable hands. 

A climb is only as good as the team behind you. Our lead guides pick the core of their team to join them on the climb, as they know who has the proper skills and knowledge. They also source the support crew, ensuring a better and safer climb for you. 

The men who know the mountain the best should lead the climb and guides are shouldered with this responsibility. Along with the full support of the Keys Hotel, our guides work in a professional and organised manner. This increases your summit chances and leads to a safer climbing experience. 

Our guides and support crew are paid in full within two days of completing their descent. The Keys Hotel adheres to proper and fair wages as set out by the Tanzania National Parks Authority and porters associations. 
The Keys Hotel institutes a proper tipping system (broken down by guide, crew, per day and signed by all the recipients) which ensures that everyone is correctly and fairly paid for their efforts. This also ensures you know where your tips are going to.  

Our support crew are permitted to carry 20 kg of equipment each for the climb. Having fewer members in the support crew means heavier pack weights. 

All our guides and crew receive three meals a day. 

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is your livelihood you would want to have the best equipment and gear available to you. We outfit our guides and crew with quality equipment and gear, and they have access to free equipment services if needed.

Our guides and crew are properly cared for in the event someone becomes sick or injured. The health and safety of your crew helps towards a successful Kilimanjaro summit. 

We provide full support for our guides and crew to grow. Apart from our support, we ensure continued education and skills building through courses as required.